According to some archaeologists, including Dennis Stanford and Joseph and Lynn McAvoy, the Cactus Hill site furnishes evidence of a pre- Clovis population in North America.

Cactus Hill Archaeological Site is a Native American campsite located next to the Nottoway River in Sussex County.

. Cactus Hill, in Southeastern Virginia, is one of the oldest archaeological sites in North Ametica.



. . Jul 15, 2022 · Cactus Hill is an archeological site where evidence of prehistoric human activity has been uncovered and researched.

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. Cactus Hill is important to us because there we learn more about our ancestors and learn their ways of life and how we evolved from them.


Cactus Hill is an important archaeological site located in Virginia, USA.

Cactus Hill is especially significant because it contains the oldest evidence of large-scale burning in the Americas, which suggests a much more complex and. .

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Aug 8, 2018 · Cactus Hill is an important Clovis period site located on the Nottaway River of Virginia, with a possible pre-Clovis site below it, dated to between 18,000 and 22,000 cal BP.
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its a archeological place in Virginia.

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The PreClovis site may have been redeposited, and the stone tools are somewhat problematic.

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Prior to the mid-1990s discovery at Cactus Hill, the majority of academics held the view that the earliest humans entered the Americas around 13,000 years ago.