1934), was the founder of the Nation of Islam.

Death of Muhammad. After Muhammad’s death in 632 CE, his friend Abu Bakr was named caliph and ruler of the Islamic community, or Ummah.

Remembering Master Fard Muhammad.


Muhammad fled to Medina, a city some 200 miles north of Mecca, where he was given a position of considerable political power. . .

Dec 25, 1978 · After Mr.

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Aug 23, 2007 · It is Wallace (warith) D. Mar 10, 1977 · Black Muslims honored the late Elijah Muhammad, since succeeded by his son, Wallace Muhammad, as a prohpet of Allah.

Muhammad, (born Oct.

Fard, had been marked as the seventh and most religious of Elijah Muhammad's eight children.

Fard's real identity is not definitively known. The Nation of Islam ( NOI) is a religious and political organization founded in the United States by Wallace Fard Muhammad in 1930.

He used the name Wallace D. Wallace wanted to break away from his father’s teachings of radical black xenophobia and separatist teachings that all white people are.

Role In: Warith Deen Mohammed, original name Wallace D.


Fard did not cite the Quran to his followers,.

Sep 1, 2003 · W. Wallace Dodd Fard, also known as Wallace Fard Muhammad or Master Fard Muhammad (; reportedly born February 26, – disappeared), was the founder of the Nation of Islam. Abu Bakr, his father-in-law and close associate, elected as caliph, or successor.

Wallace Fard, also known as Wallace Fard Muhammad or Master Fard Muhammad (/ f ə ˈ r ɑː d /; reportedly born February 26, c. . . Here are the possible solutions for "A successor of Muhammad as a ruler of the Islamic world" clue. Disappointed that he was not chosen as Elijah's successor, Minister Louis Farrakhan led a breakaway group and began rebuilding his own Nation.

The twelve successors to the Prophet Muhammad are as follows: 1.

Elijah began preaching that Wallace Fard Muhammad was the Mahdi and that it was God directly intervening in the world through Fard. 9, 2008.


Following Elijah Muhammad's death, the Bank closed the accounts and transferred the funds into new accounts opened by the Nation, under which Wallace Muhammad, Elijah Muhammad's successor as leader of the Nation, was a signatory.


"We say we are Muslims.